Spotted Lanternfly Request for Examination and/or Treatment

This pest typically requires 2 treatment applications. The purpose of treating your trees/shrubs for Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is to reduce damage caused by this very invasive insect. Total eradication of SLF on your property is impossible. The treatment is intended to protect your trees and shrubs. We will only be treating plant material.

Our minimum charge for examination and treatment is $150 plus tax. We are estimating that a large percentage of homes in our area will just require treatment that falls within our minimum charge. If you pre-authorize this 1st treatment minimum charge, examination and treatment can happen on 1 visit. You can authorize the $150 1st treatment minimum by clicking below. If the treatment required is more extensive (more than our minimum), our technician will call the cell phone number given above to discuss and get authorization before treatment.

If you do not pre-authorize the minimum treatment amount, we will come and leave an estimate for treatment. This option will take several days longer because it requires at least 2 visits (estimate and treatment).

*** We will mail an invoice to you after treatment. Prepayment is not expected.

Please complete and submit the following form